Ford Transit

Nowhere else you will find the best buses we have in Reserve Transfer. Always Clean, very well-maintained, comfortable and top-of-the-line. We always make sure our buses are fitted with the latest modern amenities, such as high back reclining seat for utmost comfort when traveling, a lot of leg space for you to move around and to not feel cramped, DVD players and LCD TVs to entertain the entire group, and ample luggage space for convenience. Because we are committed to bringing the best bus rental services to our customers.

  • 8-14 Passengers
    8-14 Passengers
  • 14 suitcases
    14 suitcases
  • Black Leather Interior
    Black Leather Interior
  • On Board Wi-Fi
    On Board Wi-Fi
  • iPhone Charger
    iPhone Charger
  • DVD Player
    DVD Player
  • We provide Water
    We provide Water
  • Laptop Desk
    Laptop Desk